Another lame title by me. Would anyone like to be my employee? Your only job is to keep me from writing any more cheesy titles. I can pay you… in friendship (blogging isn’t exactly a six figure career, especially since I do this for free).

Anyway, let’s talk about Instagram, my favorite social media site. It’s great for visual people like me because it’s all about pictures! You can add a caption of course, but unlike blogging, Twitter and so on, the star of the show is the picture. I’d rather look at pictures, and so do a lot of people, especially those hip, youngsters. Instagram has over 100 million users that could be looking at what your health organization is up to.

I’m going to divide this up between general Instagram tips and then specific ones for your health organization. I mean, what’s a Bekki blog without tips?

General tips:

  • Making your profile will be like all your other accounts. You need a solid profile picture, throw your website into the bio and so on. Make sure you have goals set in place. Let’s see if you were listening to my other blogs.
  • Followers are important, obviously. As usual, go follow people that make sense to follow, like other health organizations related to your area. Know your target audience. Be sure to like and comment on their stuff so that you get some engagement back!
  • To be fun or to be serious? I say both, just balance it. If you’re having a fundraising event, post a picture of people having fun at it. Other times you’ll need to post about donations or the sad statistics that drive your organization. Feel it out, but don’t do too much of one over the other.
  • Videos are great for promotion, but I wouldn’t go overboard. In my experience, videos don’t get as much interaction as pictures. Just make the videos count.
  • Be trendy! Instagram uses hashtags too, and you’ll want to stay in the know.
  • Know the power of a good caption. It’s not Facebook, so don’t write paragraphs, but be interesting.

Healthy Food Advice is making me hungry with its impressive looks! But boo, their following to followers ratio makes me sad.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.43.44 AM


Health organization specific tips:

  • Here’s your chance to be creative. Start your own hashtag! The Red Pump Project promotes awareness and education to women and girls about HIV/AIDS using a red heel as their symbol, so they created #RockTheRedPump. Users have loved it and posted their own pictures with the hashtag!
  • Offer incentives. I wish everyone was as passionate about your organization as you are, but sadly, that’s not how the world works. People like stuff, so send some their way.
  • I’ve already said engage with people, but I’m so serious about it that I’m going to say it again. Engage.
  • Obviously, you need your pictures to be interesting. Carefully plan your pictures. If you have a photographer on hand, coolio. If not, become one yourself. Download some photo editing applications. You also want your pictures to match your organization. If you’re about fitness, post some motivational pictures. It’d be weird to share a picture about how you’re eating McDonald’s for lunch.
  • Let people know who is behind the organization. Take cute pictures of people at the office and behind the scenes and what not. Let your followers know you’re real people.
  • Promote! Promote your website. Promote your text-to-give campaigns. Promote your personalized hashtag. Promote fundraising events. Promote discounts. And then thank your donors as you see below. It’d be great to have someone who’s good at graphic design to make stuff like this for your organization.Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.02.45 PM


I think I covered it all. In summary, post some really great pictures, slap a good caption on it, be creative and engage with other people. Sounds easy enough, right? Now go try it out. Comment with your Instagram handles so that I can further stalk you.



Best of luck,

Bekki C.





Read something you agree or harshly disagree with? Let me know! The cool thing about opinions is that they aren’t facts and can change at any time, including mine. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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